Thornber Chicks Ltd – Privacy Policy

This notice explains our privacy policy in line with GDRP changes. How we use your information.

We only use the information provided by you for the following;

We may disclose your personal information to a third party, in particular;

Our legal basis for these uses of your personal information may include that (a) it is necessary for our legitimate interest in operating our business and/or providing you with services; and/or (b) it is necessary for the performance of contracts to which you are a party with us. How long we retain your information?

We will not keep your information any longer than is necessary, taking in to account applicable legal requirements and limitation periods. You can request details of any information to which you are entitled, this will be provided within a reasonable timeframe, subject to the applicable data protection laws.

If you have any queries regarding how we use your personal information, you can contact us any time by email at